Drew Tullio

Front End Developer. Web Designer. Creative Thinker.

Advanced Level Skills

HTML5 and CSS3 • Image and video file optimization • Wireframes and Website mockups • UX/UI design

Intermediate Level Skills

SEO Optimization • Responsive websites • Wireframes and Website mockups • UX/UI design • SVG Icons/vector graphics

Still Learning

Javascript • JQuery


Photoshop • Illustrator • Dreamweaver • Sublime Text 2 • Indesign • After Effects • Windows OS • Mac OS • Android OS • Ubuntu


About Me

With over ten years of professional experience in design and development, I bring a wide array of skills to the table. My drive to bring elegant beauty to the world influenced my decision to delve professionally into the commercial arts. My emphasis has always been simplicity and minimalism from the code I write to my design approach. The websites and designs I create have a sleek, modern looks with clean, user friendly interfaces. Years of professional experience in the industry professional work has give me a keen eye for design mixed with a firm technical sense for web development. I have a proven track record of working well in a fast paced environment and getting complex jobs completed under pressure.

I currently develop websites for the hospitality industry. I also work with clients on a freelance basis across a range of fields.

For additional information please view my resume or contact me. I look forward to hearing from you.


Web Developed Sites

Shores of Panama

Web & Graphic Design


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